XE Money Transfer

Transfer Operator Information

The Universal Currency Converter was launched on the www.xe.com website in 1995. Within a few years, XE.com became the world’s most popular currency site.

In 2019, HiFX merged with XE. The money transfer service is now known as XE Money Transfer. XE trade in 60 currencies and provide money transfer services to over 170 countries

How to send money through XE Money Transfer

Money can be sent online from Australia and New Zealand to many countries using XE Money Transfer

Speed of transfer

The beneficiary should receive funds in their designated receiver account within 3 - 5 days


To see XE Money Transfer's fees and compare, you can check the comparison tool and enter your country and the country of your recipient.

Contact Information


Australia: https://www.xe.com/mt/au-money-transfer
New Zealand: https://www.xe.com/mt/nz-money-transfer

Phone Numbers

Australia: +61-(0)2-8270-4500
New Zealand: +64-(0)9-306-3700