Transfer Operator Information

KlickEx holds a Central Bank License to conduct money exchange, which they hold directly in Tonga and Samoa.

KlickEx uses the internet to find exchange rates based on the urgency (priority) of the transaction and current market conditions. Customers select rates based on these results, then KlickEx scans foreign banks and local businesses to locate funds at the selected rate. Once located, the funds arrive in the other country immediately.

How to send money through KlickEx

KlickEx offers three different priority services with different speed of transfer times and different exchange rates.

High Priority: Exchanges made via High Priority normally process within 24 hours*. The exchange rate offered will be lower than other priority services, but the exchange will happen faster.

Priority: Exchanges made via Priority normally process within 48 hours*. The exchange rate offered will be better than High Priority.

Low Priority: Exchanges made via Low Priority normally process within 5 days. Low priority features a significantly better exchange rate than other priority services.

What are the fees for exchanging money?

There are no fees for exchanging money using KlickEx. There is a foreign exchange margin of between about 0.15% and 2.5% depending on how urgently you need the transaction to be completed (as detailed above in the transfer times for the different ‘priorities’). The longer you have - the more you will receive for your money.

Money can be forwarded to local banks (25 cent withdrawal fee); accessed via the internet including email transfers, person to person transfers, and even used to pay bills, or to top-up mobile phones (in some countries).

Some charges will apply for cash collection (via a KlickEx MoneySpot - where available). No minimum amount ($5.00 or more is advised).

Is it safe to transfer money with Klickex?

KlickEx is both Licensed by Central Banks, and Prudentially Supervised and also operates in real time to ensure live tracking of individual transactions.

Contact Information



Phone Number Business Enquiries

+64 9 377 5539 (New Zealand)
8:30am - 5:00pm Monday-Friday
(New Zealand Daylight Time, GMT+13)

 Australia and UK 24/7 Phone lines coming soon (April 2019).

Branch Locations

KlickEx does not have any Physical Locations as it is online only - but it does have an affiliation with KlickEx Pacific, which has more than 80 micro-branches in New Zealand - and more than 400 Cash Out agents across the Pacific.