Transfer Operator Information

Transfers available through Westpac Australia and Westpac New Zealand to banks across the Pacific region.

With Westpac you can send money overseas to most countries in the world and in most foreign currencies, using an overseas telegraphic transfer. This can be done at a Westpac branch or over the internet.

How to send money through Westpac

What you will need

Overseas Telegraphic Transfers

To send an overseas telegraphic transfer from Australia and NZ, you will need:

  • Identification details of the person receiving the money, such as their name, address, the name of their bank, branch address and their account number
  • The amount you wish to send
  • The currency you wish to send

Westpac Online Money Transfers

If you want to transfer money online from Australia, you will need to be:

  • A Westpac customer that is registered for Online banking and has a Westpac Protect SMS Code

If you want to transfer money online from New Zealand, you will need to be:

  • A Westpac customer that has registered their mobile phone with Westpac’s Online Guardian security system (30 days stand down period applies unless verified in Branch or via Westpac’s call centre). This is to ensure that payment and identity can be validated via an Online Guardian verification code sent by SMS. Once your phone has been registered and approved, you can start making international payments after a further one-off 7 day stand down period.

Preferential Foreign Exchange in Fiji, PNG for Westpac Australia customers

When sending from Australia to Fiji and PNG customers are advised to send AUD with AUD - local currency conversion in the destination country to ensure the best Foreign Exchange rate.

When sending via online banking, the sender selects the Payment Currency by choosing “Australian dollar – AUD”. The money will go through as AUD and be converted by the destination Westpac bank.


To see Westpac's fees and compare, you can check the comparison tool and enter your country and the country of your recipient.

Prepaid cards (Westpac Express card)

Westpac Prepaid cards are available for those sending money from New Zealand to the Pacific. The cards uses the Visa network.

Two cards are provided using Westpac Express - one for the sender and one sent to the receiver overseas. Money can be accessed by the nominated receiver at ATMs or can be used to shop anywhere Visa is accepted.

Once money is loaded onto the card, it will only take about one day for the money to transfer. This is the best way to send money through Westpac.

Prepaid Card Charges

One-off purchase fee: NZ$20.00
Deposit/loading fee:
NZ$1.00 for all electronic transactions (including online/phone banking transfers)
NZ$3.00 for manual transaction (deposits made in a branch)
Currency conversion fee:
2.5% (added to all overseas transactions including online purchases)
ATM withdrawal in NZ:
Free with Westpac ATM; NZ$1.00 non-Westpac ATM
ATM withdrawal overseas:
Free withdrawals from Global Alliance ATMs (including Westpac)
NZ$8.00 from non-Global Alliance ATM
Call Westpac’s customer service team at 1300 651 089 for more information on your options.

Is it safe to send money through Westpac?

Westpac utilizes an array of different tools including SecurID(R) tokens, Westpac Protect (™) SMS codes, customer support, and many other measures to minimise your risk. They also offer a security guarantee and security certificate.

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