Transfer Operator Information

Citibank offers international funds transfers.

How to send money through Citibank

Options for International Funds Transfers from Australia: - Transfer Money Abroad - Manually Initiated Funds Transfer

Transfer Money Abroad

This option allows you to take advantage of one of the easiest ways to send money. You can send funds of up to AUD100,000 daily to any non-Citibank or Citibank account worldwide. This service is fee free for Citibank Plus customers. 3-5 business days to be processed from your Australian bank account.

Manually Initiated Funds Transfer (MIFT)

The MIFT is one of the best way to send money if you’re sending funds over your daily limit, domestically or internationally to any other bank account (any Citibank or non-Citibank account). Available through your Relationship Manager or Citiphone on 13 24 84 or visit your nearest branch. Both of these services are free of charge if you are a Citibank Plus customer.

How long will it take to send my money?

If you’re sending money from Australia, it usually takes between three and five business days to process from your Australian bank account. For those sending money from the U.S., the funds are typically deposited into the recipient’s account in two to five business days.

Is it safe to send money through Citibank?

Citibank remains committed to providing a secure environment for banking to all its customers. They use two-way SMS alerts, one-time PINs, authorisation codes and more to ensure that your funds are safe.

Contact Information

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