Bank of Baroda

Transfer Operator Information

Swift transfers are available to Bank of Baroda customers in countries including New Zealand and Fiji. To see if a Service is offered from Australia, please contact BoB Australia with the details below.

How to send money through Bank of Baroda

To send money from New Zealand, you will need a passport, some other form of photo ID, and the bank account details (including branch name, address, account number and SWIFT code) of the person you wish to send money to.


- Download the Remittance request form (available at
- Email a completed copy to [email protected] or take it to a branch in New Zealand


Please contact Bank of Baroda for all information regarding service charges.

Contact Information


New Zealand:



New Zealand: +64 (9) 632 1020

Australia: 0290 877 400


New Zealand: [email protected]

Australia: [email protected]


114 Dominion Road, Mount Eden
Auckland-1024, New Zealand (Auckland)