Skrill & M-PAiSA (Vodafone)

Transfer Operator Information

Skrill & M-Paisa have partnered to provide quick, safe and low cost international money transfers direct to mobile wallets in Fiji.

How to send money through Skrill & M-PAiSA (Vodafone)

You will need to create an account online with Skrill. You will also need the mobile number of the person you wish to send money to in Fiji. The recipient must have a M-Paisa (Vodafone) mobile wallet account.

How does the recipient receive money in Fiji?
Your recipient will receive the funds direct to their mobile wallet within minutes, the money will be credited in Fijian Dollars. They can use the money credited to their account to spend directly at retail outlets in Fiji or they can use cash out options to withdraw the cash at agents.

Withdrawal Fees?
Fees may apply in Fiji.

As of 04/10/19

Amount to Withdraw


FJD $1-$100

FJD $1

FJD $101-$1000

FJD $2


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