The Ink Patch Money Transfer

Transfer Operator Information

Ink Patch Money Transfer is a specialist money transfer company focusing on transfers from New Zealand to Samoa.

How to send money through The Ink Patch Money Transfer

What You Need

  • Current ID: A passport is ideal, but any proof of ID such as a drivers licence or an 18+ card and a bank card of the same name will do.
  • Current proof of address (last 12 months): This can be a utility bill, a bank statement or an IRD letter, but not medical bills.

How your chosen recipient can collect

Once money has been sent online, the receiver is required to physically pick up the cash from one of The Ink Patch's Samoan locations next to Ah Liki Wholesale in Taufusi, Apia or at the Salelologa Blue Bird Mall in Savaii.

Contact Information


New Zealand:
22 Station road, Otahuhu
Auckland 1062, New Zealand

- Ah Liki Wholesale. Taufusi, Apia
- Salelologa Blue Bird Mall, Savaii

Contact the Ink Patch directly for information on agent locations.

Phone Number

09 276 5521