Samoa Money Transfer Ltd

Transfer Operator Information

Money transfer services available from New Zealand to Samoa.

Location: Otara Shopping Centre Otara Auckland.

How to send money through Samoa Money Transfer Ltd

Register Online

Within a few minutes, you can register online for a membership card. A membership card can make it easier to send money to Samoa. Samoa Money Transfer also offer food orders with Ah Liki Wholesale in their main office in Otara.

How Long Will My Money Transfer Take?

Whether you need to make loan payments, submit payments for rentals/accommodations, deposit funds into your Samoa or New Zealand overseas account, or send money overseas for any other reason, Samoa Money Transfer can complete the transfer in one hour or less.

How Much Will it Cost to Transfer My Money?

To see Samoa Money Transfer Ltd's fees and compare, you can check the comparison tool and enter your country and the country of your recipient.

Contact Information


Email Address

Head office: i[email protected]



Head office: +64 9 273-6330