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On this page we share recent details regarding the Tuvaluan population, embassies, and financial information. We also list important links that allow you to compare money transfer options if you need to send money to Tuvalu whilst avoiding expensive processing fees, whether transferring via or online, via mobile, or in person. Tuvaluans living in Australia or New Zealand will pay varying fees when transferring funds to Tuvalu depending on which provider they use. For this reason, our mission is to give you easy to use information allowing you to make informed decisions when sending money to your loved ones in Tuvalu.

Capital City: Funafuti

Population: 11,192 (World Bank 2017)

Currency: Australian dollar

Area: 26 km2


In 2017, 200 Tuvaluans were living in Australia

In 2013, 3,537 Tuvaluans were living in New Zealand.

Remittance Statistics

World Bank (2017)

Estimated bilateral remittances: US$ 4 mn

Estimated remittances from New Zealand to Tuvalu: US$ 2 mn 

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Embassies & Consulates in Australia:

Consulate-General of Tuvalu, NSW

185/187 Woodpark Road, Smithfield, NSW 2164

Ph: 02 8787 7400
Email: [email protected]

Embassies & Consulates in New Zealand:

High Commission of Tuvalu, Wellington

90 The Terrace, Level 2, 6011, Wellington

Ph: 04 472 1001
Email: [email protected]

Tuvaluan Consulate in Auckland

15 Jubaea Place, Henderson, Waitakere, Auckland, NZ

Ph: 09 838 4176
Email: [email protected]