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Through the Commonwealth Bank, you can send an International Money Transfer (IMT) to over 200 countries. You can send an IMT via a branch or via Netbank (online banking).

How to send money through Commonwealth Bank

Sending money via mobile phone:

One of the easiest ways to send money overseas is via mobile. Using the CommBank app, you can send money to an individual with just a mobile number. The recipient will just need to provide the collection code, their mobile phone number, banking details and personal details to collect the payment. These details can be stored to make future transactions easier.

Sending money to an international account number:

To send money to an account number overseas, log on to Netbank or CommBank app and follow the prompts. To send internationally you will need to provide the destination country and recipient’s details to send payment.

Sending money from a branch:

You can also visit your nearest branch to send money overseas. However, transfers are cheaper and faster online or through the CommBank app.

What information do I need to send money to an international bank account?

-The Bank Identification Code (BIC) or bank code -The name and address of the overseas bank you are transferring to -The recipient\'s name, address and account number -The amount and currency you wish to send If you are sending money to certain countries, you may also need an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and a Bank Identification Code (BIC). Your recipient will need to provide you with their IBAN. You can also include the recipient’s email address in the transfer to notify them that the payment has been sent.

When are NetBank International Money Transfers (IMT) processed, and how long does it take to send money?

You can complete an IMT online via NetBank at any time. International Money Transfers performed on a weekend or public/bank holiday, or after currency cut-off times on a Bank business day, will be processed the following Bank business day. Under normal circumstances your money should arrive at the overseas bank of the recipient within 2 business days. However, Commonwealth Bank cannot guarantee this timeframe as there may be delays due to the banking practices of the overseas bank or country.

Is it safe to send money through Commonwealth Bank?

CommBank offers 100% guaranteed security. As long as you notify them of any problems and protect your personal information, they cover any losses.

Contact Information

Website Phone Number General Enquiries 13 2221 6am to 10pm. Commonwealth Bank Customer Care Centre +61 2 9999 3283 Head office Ground Floor, Tower 1 201 Sussex Street SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2000 (02) 9378 2000