Transfer Operator Information

Vodafone Fiji's International Money Transfer (IMT) service is available through Lotus Foreign Exchange out of Australia and New Zealand for now.

How to send money through M-PAiSA

  1. Customers (senders) wishing to send money to Fiji from Australia and NZ via M-PAiSA need to visit a Lotus branch in the two countries.
  2. They will fill out a form with relevant details and produce ID as required for KYC.
  3. Depending on the amount of Fijian dollars they want to send, customers will be asked to pay equivalent AUD/NZD dollars at the given exchange rate on the day.
  4. Lotus staff will process the payment via M-PAiSA and send it across to the M-PAiSA account of the receiver in Fiji. The money sent will be in FJD.
  5. Once the customer receives the money in his/her M-PAiSA account, they will be able to use it like normal M-PAiSA account.
  6. Local withdrawal, transfer of or other bill pay services will apply.

Sender Charges

A flat fee applies when sending any amount of money:

  • From NZ, send fee is NZD8.00
  • From Australia, send fee is AUD15.00

There is no minimum amount to be sent.


*Local M-PAiSA Terms and Conditions apply

*Other Conditions apply

Contact Information



Email Address

[email protected]

Phone Numbers

(+64) 9 369 1723
Mobile: 021 846 663 (Pravin)

For an overview of Lotus branches, visit the Lotus website