Transfer Operator Information

Bankwest offers bank transfers to banks both across the Pacific region and globally.

To send money overseas you will need to complete an International Money Transfer Form (available on the Bankwest website) and take it into your nearest Bankwest store.

How to send money through BankWest

To send an International Money Transfer you will need:

-the SWIFT or Bank code, name and address of the overseas bank you are transferring to

-the beneficiary's name, address and account number (that is the person receiving the funds)

-the amount and currency you wish to send.

If you are sending money to certain countries, you may also need an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Your beneficiary will need to provide you with their banks IBAN if applicable.

When will my funds arrive at their destination?

The transfer should reach the beneficiary's bank within 3-5 working days, however it may take longer for that bank to transfer the money into the customer's bank account. Local holidays in the destination country may delay the delivery of funds.


To see Bankwest's fees and compare, you can check the comparison tool and enter your country and the country of your recipient.

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Personal Banking: 13 17 19

Call Bankwest between 8:00 AM & 8:00 PM local time 7 days a week for general inquiries

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